Aerial Video Production

Aerial Video will elevate your film with Sound View Media 

Aerial Video taken with our Phantom 2 Drone

 With the growing demand for Aerial Video and photography, Sound View Media is well placed to deliver high quality footage for your video production.

Sound View Media has the neccesary certification, approval and insurance to capture aerial images competently and safely. We are qualified to fly and hold  The Basic National UAS Certificate BNUC-S™. This involves sitting  rigorous theory and flying examinations. We  have permissions from The Civil Aviation Authority  to take aerial shots with our Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) at heights up to 400 feet, within visual line of sight, to a distance of 500 metres. We currently operate  a Phantom 2 Drone with a Go-Pro  payload.


Gareth with examiner after passing flight exam | aerial video with Sound View Media

Flight examiner Steve Holland congratulates Gareth after passing the test flight


 We offer various services depending on your Aerial Video requirements :

1.  We add Aerial Video shots to our existing clients content to enhance the look of their video. In this film for the re-opening of the Waterfront in Plymouth we use Aerial Video as part of a complete video production to enhance the overall film :

2. We offer a service of providing aerial shots only for clients who have a different use for Aerial Video such as for surveying or landscape management: In this video we have used Aerial Video for both enhancing an overall film but also the client requested the aerial video on its own to show a potential investor the proximity of the building to the Eden Project in Cornwall.

We have a competitive pricing structure depending on client needs, and we manage your Aerial Video Shoot, making sure all permissions are gained and  we carry out all planning necessary to ensure a safe and successful flight.

Aerial Video production by Sound View Media

Two Crew members, a pilot and a spotter are required on every aerial video shoot to ensure the safety of everyone in the area of the flight with cordons and signage placed as necessary.

Some of our Aerial Work

Trebah Gardens

The Waterfront



If you are interested in our aerial video productionswe have a  new dedicated site