Media training for Plymouth Business Women this week – what a fantastic day.

Sound View Media create tailor made Media Training for Plymouth Business Women.

Plymouth Business Women receive media training with Soundview:  Everyone understands the power of the Media and how it can be engaged to promote a message or campaign. There are often a number of concerns that businesses and enterprises have about being approached by or approaching the Media. The key to good marketing and communication is to look at these times as an opportunity; to make sure that, when face to face with the media, the RIGHT message is given  in the RIGHT way.

The Media Training day began with an opportunity to share questions, fears and experiences  of the Media – a chance to really understand what our clients’ main objectives and concerns about using the media were. This was followed by an explanation of what journalists want (in all fields of journalism-print, screen and radio) and how  to ensure that our clients’ messages is communicated best though a media strategy and excellent interview skills.

This led to working on the most effective way to get the message across-taking ownership of every media opportunity, presenting your message clearly, conclusively and, of course, confidently. Our client also learnt about how to build excellent relationships with the media and how to get out of a media pickle!

Preparation and presentation for interviews, and top ten things to know and do before and during interviews were covered. This ensured our clients were ready for the event when the media approached them OR they approached the media.

All the Preparation-Now for the Media Training Practise…

Yes that’s right…we all know the best way to learn is to do, so after preparing our client group on how to take part in an interview, they did just that! All the Plymouth Business Women attending participated in an interview-an enactment of a launch where key messages need to be disseminated. That moment when the camera is pointing at you and a microphone lingers somewhere out of shot OR the phone rings early one morning, with a journalist  loaded with probing questions OR simply you have something great to say about an event, product and need to approach the media…this day was designed to prepare for every eventuality.

Media Training from Sound View Media

Media Training promo

Sound View Media create a new media training promo video

We are now offering media training in Cornwall, Devon and throughout the UK-our new media training video promo shows a scenario where you find yourself or your business in the horrible position of facing the media unprepared. Having a journalist or TV news crew turn up can be  nerve wracking situation, where getting it wrong means you or your business will not be shown in the best light. Sound View Media ensure that every new media training course is custom made to each business and that  our training is  fresh, engaging and helps businesses ensure they make the most of every media opportunity. Our training puts our clients in real life media situations, so that they are prepared for all eventualities, including that Monday morning, turn up to work and a reporter and  camera is waiting for you. We have all been to seminars or training days when we longingly gaze out of the window at a lucky seagull or squirrel who is free to run around in the sunshine, not being subjected to some mind numbing session or speaker.  Well, we strive to provide a day where our clients feel engaged and immersed in their training so that the skills we are teaching stick and they really do go out into the world ready to face the press and media.

Why Our Media Training? Custom Made and  Real Life Situations and We Will Come To You wherever you are.

Whether you are in Cornwall, Plymouth, Devon or though out the UK if you  have something good to shout about, lets us help you. Say its your new product, you have worked hard developing and are very proud to show the world what an amazing thing you have created, we can advise you on how to communicate that to the media. Or perhaps you need to be ready to  respond to a breaking news story. When you’re in full flow of telling a journalist how brilliant your product is or explaining what’s happened, how do you react  when they throw in that one question, that bomb shell, that thing you didn’t want to be asked and your not remotely prepared to answer. Suddenly you’re live on air and sweating, scrambling for the right thing to say, flustered and your good news story is being turned into something you hadn’t anticipated! That’s where Sound View Media’s new media training material comes to the rescue. We have decades of journalistic experience and we will teach you how to handle the media. You cannot hide or brush off the facts,but you can learn how to get the story told, how you want it. Learn how to confidently deal with trickier questions by developing strategies before standing in front of that camera or  press journalist. You don’t always  know when a knock at the door from the news media will happen, and you don’t always  know who in your company might suddenly be standing in front of a camera, the best you can do is be prepared so when that good news or bad news story breaks your company will make the best of the opportunity.   We frequently work with a range of  media professionals  including Alexis Bowater & Louise Midgley to ensure we give the best training.

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still from Sound View Media's new media training promo showing Louise Midgly

SVM media training with Louise Midgley

New Media Training promo showing Alexis Bowater

Media Training for The South West Grid For Learning in Exeter. 4

Devon Media Training

Our Devon Media Training courses are specifically tailored to each company we work with. We employ media training talent with a wealth of experience, those who know life at the sharp end of journalism,  who better to prepare you to face the media. We were delighted to collaborate with Alexis, seen here with some delicious cake,on Media Training which we provided for South West Grid for Learning. Using our vast experience of newsrooms and journalism, we worked with Alexis to ensure the team at South West Grid were able to maximise opportunities for publicity and clearly communicate their message in a campaign for safer internet use.

Our Client

South West Grid for Learning provide safer internet training and broadband to educational establishments throughout the South West. The day represented an opportunity for them to get their message across, via the media, to a wide audience. The Media training provided by Alexis and our Creative Director Gareth ensured they gave a confident and clear delivery of that message and were prepared for all media contact.

Safer Internet Day

A yearly event, Safer Internet Day is a campaign to inform adults and children how to stay safe on the internet. It promotes the responsible and positive use of the internet as well as celebrating the creative things young people are doing online. Hundreds of organisations were involved in promoting the idea of a safer internet. Information and films on how to ensure safer internet use are available on the UK Safer Internet Site here:

The Cake

Well nearly every event requires cake-surely! The flavour? Delicious of course!

The Benefits of Media Training

In the media hungry world today, not only do you need to be able to respond to news requests, but appearing on camera is increasingly required as companies use social media to promote their business or use intranet video to address colleagues .  Our courses give you or your staff the confidence to appear natural and deliver your message clearly giving a professional appearance on what ever size screen you appear on.

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