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Our video production work often happens in  the South West (Devon, Cornwall and Dorset). But we are no strangers to packing up our camera’s and heading off to what ever destination the job requires.

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Soundview were invited to the Visit Devon re-launch event at Powderham Castle. Members of Visit Devon gathered to celebrate the  relaunch of this important organisation.  Powderham is the perfect place for such an important occasion. This iconic building has a beautiful interior and stunning grounds. And to top it all, the sun was shining as we arrived. It all served to remind us of exactly what Devon has to offer visitors.

360 VR Experience Visit Devon Relaunch Event. Stunning staircase inside the castle

Stunning staircase inside the castle.

360 VR Devon

See our 360 VR video page here

And the event was a great opportunity for us to show off our 360 VR kit and chair. We showcased our VR video of Plymouth’s historic waterfront-360 VR Devon indeed! The video allows viewers to tour: the Hoe, Smeaton’s Tower, the Barbican, Sutton Harbour, Mount Batten (via a boat trip if you wish!), and it went down a treat! With headset and headphones on, viewers are totally inside the experience, and able to look around the locations 360 degrees. Of course  with the addition of our chair, people enjoyed the tour safely, turning the chair as they turned to look at each perspective. We also brought our 4K television with us to show our recently produced 4K aerial videos for Visit Devon. 4k aerial video is the best way to capture the landscape, it’s views and vivid colours.

360 VR Experience Visit Devon Relaunch Event. The beautiful sunset across Powderham Castle.

Sunset over Powderham Castle grounds.

Visit Devon

We have recently made a series of 4k aerial videos for Visit Devon, to attract visitors. So it was great to get together with Visit Devon members to see them and celebrate what Devon has to offer. And as a Devon-based company, it was a pleasure to be amongst other successful businesses from the area. Sharing our videos with them, we understood what’s so special about the place where we live and work.

A stunning county of great contrasts, with two beautiful coastlines, two National Parks and five official Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Visit Devon

And we know that as well as aerial video, 360 VR video is one of best ways to promote the region. We love sharing the 360 VR video experience. The latest video marketing innovation, it really is the next big thing.


In our video for the Duke of Cornwall Hotel, Plymouth we captured their event day showcasing what they have to offer as a wedding venue: to Brides and Grooms to be.

A bit of history behind the Hotel: “The Duke” was Plymouth’s first luxury hotel. Established in 1863, it is one of the city’s oldest buildings and one of the few survivors of the Blitz bombings. Also, the humble abode to twenty stewardesses when they were rescued from the Titanic, for their first nights ashore. What a great story behind a wedding venue, to tell the grandkids!

Duke Cornwall Hotel Mini Wedding Collection time-lapse video. Shot of the hotel entrance with vintage car parked outside.

Duke of Cornwall Hotel entrance.

This event day is exclusively for engaged couples. With the Duke’s ballroom grandly set up, and dressed up entirely in wedding decor. A host of suppliers from a magician to a florist. Hopefully bringing the inspiration needed for the couples and their big day.

Duke of Cornwall Plymouth Weddings Video

When it comes to wedding planning, there is a million and one things to organise – picking the venue is top of the list. Our video promotes how the staff and guests can celebrate marriage in one of Plymouth’s most stunning historic spaces.

The Duke of Cornwall is a spectacular place to get married and of course the staircase was made for the bride to walk down and see her dress flowing behind her. Leila Nottage.

We used our reliable GoPro Hero4 to capture time-lapse footage throughout the day. It shows the magnificent transformational from an empty ballroom to a dressed-up dream wedding venue. With their own personalisation, it shows the fine potential of the venue. And let’s them imagine their dream wedding day.

We captured the enchanting atmosphere. With the help of the Osmo handheld cam to get shots of all the delicate details.

See our other blogs: Couples who wed here, from as early as the 1950s! And the Titanic Exhibition from earlier this year.

Duke of Cornwall Hotel Making History Video

Titanic Exhibition 2017

Check out our new 360 VR video accessory. With all of the fantastic 360 VR video tech we now have here in our Plymouth office, we thought we had ought to invest in a comfortable chair to go with it!  And its not just for relaxing, it allows you to move 360 degrees to take in the VR world. This means that our clients and their customers can get the full VR experience and be comfortable at the same time.

New 360 VR accessory comfortable experience. A red chair to experience comfort whilst checking out 360 VR.

A comfortable red chair to enjoy the 360 VR experience.

360 VR video chair new to our Plymouth office

This new addition to the  Soundview team, as it were, will be with us on event days and expos. Clients will be able to watch our 360 videos and interact with the VR environment whilst sitting down. Which means we can demonstrate to our clients the incredible 360 VR experience in style… and comfort!  The 360-swivel chair will keep you relaxed and in the zone.

What’s the best way to experience 360 VR video?

360 VR video technology is amazing. This is the latest advance in video and means that the viewer is able to move around the video world 360 degrees. Great for checking out locations, destinations and activities. And you can do all of this with a handheld device or on a computer. But the most immersive experience comes from wearing a headset. Just put it on, plug in those headphones and experience the world on video as if you are there. Throw in a chair that you can easily move around in and it’s just perfect.

Our clients will of course be able to borrow it too, if they wish. However, this may make you want to purchase one of your own.

Soundview congratulate National Tourism Awards nominees

Every year winners of the South West Tourism Excellence Awards have a chance to be selected for the prestigious Visit England Awards for Excellence. If they are chosen, it’s a real accolade.

This means that they may win national recognition for excellence in Tourism from Visit England, and this year there has been a bumper crop. With 15 shortlisted, it means that they represent 22% of the national entries. In fact, that’s the most from any region in the country. And it’s the most for the South West ever – tourism in the South West just keeps getting better. Because Soundview are proud sponsors of the South West Tourism Excellence Awards, we would like to congratulate them on this amazing achievement.

How do these tourism businesses reach the national awards? Well, first they start  at a county level. Businesses enter their chosen category in the the Cornwall, Devon, and Somerset awards. Next, the winners from that stage are entered into the South West Tourism Excellence awards. Finally, winners from this stage can be selected for the national awards.

Soundview Video and Tourism Excellence

Soundview congratulate National Tourism Awards nominees. Many South West businesses winning at regional level, going forward to National awards competition

Category winners and Soundview

Soundview have had 3 years involvement in the South West Tourism Excellence Awards. This year Soundview sponsored the Active and Sporting category as well as   creating the video to launch the awards event. In our category, the fantastic  GoSkydive from Wiltshire won Gold!

Soundview congratulate National Tourism Awards nominees. Many South West businesses winning at regional level, going forward to National awards competition

And here’s our video on the UK’s biggest indoor big screen showing the great South West in all it’s glory. Its features some amazing aerial video of the South West.


Soundview congratulate National Tourism Awards nominees. Many South West businesses winning at regional level, going forward to National awards competition

Soundview with sponsors Stephens Scown LLP

So congratulations!


This is the fifth year that the South West have been the top region and it’s a clear message about the quality of visitor experiences across the region.

Yet again the South West leads the way in tourism excellence. Whatever 2017 throws at this very special region of Britain, tonight’s award winners will excel at what they do best – offering all comers the best possible visitor experiences. From this year’s Chair of Judges, Alison

So, let’s raise a glass to South West tourism. And celebrate the fact that so many local businesses now being recognised at a national level. We hope to see some of those winners go all the way to gold in the Visit England Excellence Awards. Good luck one and all, we’ll be rooting for you!

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South West Tourism Awards Sponsor

Soundview proud to be South West Tourism Excellence Awards Sponsor

South West Tourism Excellence Awards 2016-2017

Using the latest video technology, Soundview have the ability to produce really groundbreaking video. By using the latest tech, audiences feel right at the heart of the action. Our cameras capture every angle possible, to give an experience to remember. And we are thrilled to be using the latest, cutting edge tech to create immersive 360 video.

Immersive Video Production Action Camera 360 VR Drones Plymouth. Luke Dillion UK Surf Champion.

Luke Dillon, the UK’s no.1 Surf competitor.

We have already created 360 VR video for  our clients,  South West Coast Path and Hangloose. This technology has so much potential. By using the 360 VR tech to viewers are placed right in the action, transported into a virtual reality world. They can access the video, moving around it, either wearing a headset, or on a mobile device or laptop.

And with our ever popular aerial camera, using our drone, we have captured beautiful scenes over Devon and Cornwall. All of this fantastic tech has given us some amazing location views and brilliant action shots. Just one example is the  high adrenaline video featuring Luke Dillion, the UK’s no.1 Surf competitor.

Immersive Video Production Action Camera 360 VR Drones Plymouth. Assembling of the Drone.

Assembly of the drone.

We can also put our time lapse camera in breath-taking locations!  Whilst creating a video for a construction company, we attached our Brinno timelapse camera to a crane, and where it captured the build from a vantage point that was 10 stories high! Allowing us to record the entire project over the length of the build from the best viewpoint.

Immersive Video Production Action Camera 360 VR Drones Plymouth. Fixing a GoPro up high.

Fixing a GoPro up high.

Immersive Video Production Action Camera VR Drones Plymouth

Here at Soundview we believe in investing in the latest camera tech. With an innovative combination of cameras, we produce something that gives our clients videos that are the next best thing to being there:

The GoPro Hero 4, the ultimate action camera, together with the GoPro Omni, with its 4K res gives us 360 VR in all it’s glory. And our Inspire 1 drone provides amazing stability  while shooting aerial 4K video. And the Osmo handheld cam, getting the best possible looking shot from the ,most unexpected vantage points.

With all this kit and more, we are able to produce films that let’s you feel you are ‘in the moment’. And as VR is just beginning, it is only going to get better from here – join us on the journey.

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