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Plymouth video production blog from Soundview: Telling our clients’stories is at the heart of Soundview and here you can read our own story.  See our most recent videos, as well as learn how they were made. And we’ve included lots of links, so make sure you click through to see similar work.

Our video production work often happens in  the South West (Devon, Cornwall and Dorset). But we are no strangers to packing up our camera’s and heading off to what ever destination the job requires.

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Using the latest video technology, Soundview have the ability to produce really groundbreaking video. By using the latest tech, audiences feel right at the heart of the action. Our cameras capture every angle possible, to give an experience to remember. And we are thrilled to be using the latest, cutting edge tech to create immersive 360 video.

Immersive Video Production Action Camera 360 VR Drones Plymouth. Luke Dillion UK Surf Champion.

Luke Dillon, the UK’s no.1 Surf competitor.

We have already created 360 VR video for  our clients,  South West Coast Path and Hangloose. This technology has so much potential. By using the 360 VR tech to viewers are placed right in the action, transported into a virtual reality world. They can access the video, moving around it, either wearing a headset, or on a mobile device or laptop.

And with our ever popular aerial camera, using our drone, we have captured beautiful scenes over Devon and Cornwall. All of this fantastic tech has given us some amazing location views and brilliant action shots. Just one example is the  high adrenaline video featuring Luke Dillion, the UK’s no.1 Surf competitor.

Immersive Video Production Action Camera 360 VR Drones Plymouth. Assembling of the Drone.

Assembly of the drone.

We can also put our time lapse camera in breath-taking locations!  Whilst creating a video for a construction company, we attached our Brinno timelapse camera to a crane, and where it captured the build from a vantage point that was 10 stories high! Allowing us to record the entire project over the length of the build from the best viewpoint.

Immersive Video Production Action Camera 360 VR Drones Plymouth. Fixing a GoPro up high.

Fixing a GoPro up high.

Immersive Video Production Action Camera VR Drones Plymouth

Here at Soundview we believe in investing in the latest camera tech. With an innovative combination of cameras, we produce something that gives our clients videos that are the next best thing to being there:

The GoPro Hero 4, the ultimate action camera, together with the GoPro Omni, with its 4K res gives us 360 VR in all it’s glory. And our Inspire 1 drone provides amazing stability  while shooting aerial 4K video. And the Osmo handheld cam, getting the best possible looking shot from the ,most unexpected vantage points.

With all this kit and more, we are able to produce films that let’s you feel you are ‘in the moment’. And as VR is just beginning, it is only going to get better from here – join us on the journey.

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From Plymouth our 360 VR video is the latest marketing innovation

VR 360 video Big Hit for Tourism Conference

360 Video Soundview Plymouth

Video Marketing Male Choral Festival Cornwall

Soundview had the pleasure of creating this video for the Male Choral Festival to promote the upcoming event in April. It features singing highlights set against Cornwall’s awe-inspiring land and seascapes. And this video shows the best of the festival, which features male choirs from all over the world – choirs of all ages and many nationalities. In fact some come from as far as Australia.

Video Marketing Male Choral Festival Cornwall

The annual Cornish festival runs across a long weekend. This year from April 27 to May the 1st. Choirs from all corners of the globe come together, and perform in front of audiences. And the numbers are impressive: sixty male voice choirs perform to 45,000 visitors. Of course, It’s a really delightful weekend to be enjoyed by all.  The event in  Cornwall will be sure to kickstart the summer.

This Festival is hugely significant for Cornwall – with the thousands of people it attracts here and the massive impact they have on our economy at a crucial early point in the tourism season. Visit Cornwall’s Malcolm Bell

Our Video

Our video draws together footage from previous years, whilst showing beautiful locations such as the Minack Theatre, Cornwall. In fact there is an array of stunning South West scenes. And many of the locations were captured on our aerial video shoot using our 4k camera, capturing Cornwall at it’s best.

You can see our video on the front page of the Cornwall International Male Choral Festival website where it promotes the wealth of talent at the event. And this year’s event is sure to be an impressive show too.

We’re thrilled with our new little film because it showcases exactly what our wonderful Festival in this gorgeous part of the world is all about. Director Rob Elliott

If you want to see more of our work with local festivals, see below:

Illuminate Festival Plymouth 2016

Illuminate Festival Plymouth

The Great Cornish Food Festival



360 VR video marketing Plymouth-the latest innovation

It’s no exaggeration to say that Soundview are at the forefront of the latest innovation in marketing. How? Because they are offering 360 Virtual Reality, fully interactive video. Most certainly the next big thing in digital and video marketing.

ITB Berlin features VR

At the world’s leading travel trade show, ITB Berlin, Soundview saw how world leaders in the travel and tourism industry are embracing its potential. Sound view were there and saw how Emirates Airline, for example, employ this truly immersive experience. With the same Oculus headgear as Soundview use, visitors to their exhibit were able to experience what first class travel on their airline is really like.

And it’s not only great for expos or exhibitions because the 360 VR video can be viewed and used on any mobile phone, tablet or computer. You just use your finger or mouse to move around the video world. Amazingly, you can click on different viewpoints and menus. When we say its the next best thing to being there, we mean it.

360 VR video marketing Plymouth

Soundview, Plymouth are so excited to be right up there, at the forefront of this new technology because we can offer this innovation to our clients. And in fact we know the potential for marketing this technology has. Through using it, we’ve  learnt what it has to offer the travel and tourism industry.

We are really pleased to produce 360 VR video for, among others, the South West Coast Path and Hangloose Adventure, Cornwall.

But don’t just take our word for it. Check out our videos, blogs and website.

BVE London 360 VR video

360 VR video promotes South West Coast Path

360 VR Big Hit for Tourism Conference

Soundview 360 VR video site



Here’s our latest Plymouth History Centre Video, this time featuring the Business Support Team. For those of you who have visited the Plymouth Museum and Arts Gallery in the past, you have probably not met the team behind the scenes. In this video we meet: Melanie, Tommy, Linda, and Lisa.

My role is making sure all our income and expenditure is brought in from the correct place and spent from the correct place, and to support the managers and the rest of the team within the Arts and Heritage team. Linda, Business Support Officer

Whilst the History Centre is being built, The Museum on Tour, Talks and Exhibitions are some of the events hosted around the City. The Museum on Tour showcases items from the museum. Because of this, items can still be exhibited to the public.  And this is the team making it run smoothly from behind the scenes and keeping the cogs turning. They operate the business day-to-day while providing support services for the members of the public, for instance those looking to book a wedding at Smeaton’s Tower.

Plymouth History Centre Video – Why they use video to promote

In our series of videos with the Plymouth History Centre, we focus on elements covering the monumental changes taking place. This project is going to bring the great history of the City back to life. It will all come together under 1 roof for residents and visitors to enjoy and learn more about Plymouth’s rich history. In over 100 years since the Museum first opened, it will be a thrilling step forward for the City.

As each step happens, we capture those key moments. And those videos promote the History Centre; explain what’s taking place, why; and make up a lasting record of this historic development of Plymouth. Especially relevant, this video gives credit to those important people that you don’t see. And in the lead up to 2020, this video is an opportunity for the team to come to light and shows their commitment to the project.

The History Centre is a really exciting place, both for the service to work within a really exciting dynamic environment but also for the people of Plymouth and the City itself.

Click here to follow the building and construction work as it happens. And it will all be ready for 2020 and the Mayflower 400 Celebration. See more of our work showing the exciting changes taking place:

Ground Breaking Plymouth History

Pickle Time Plymouth History Centre

Plymouth History Centre Moving Mummies


For the second year running, Soundview has had the great opportunity to be a part of the BVE event in London. With a host of big names and innovative companies attending, it was a successful day experiencing the latest in VR 360 technology. And because we are already using VR 360 video it was fantastic to be there. Soundview is at the cutting edge of this new adventure.

BVE 2017

With two decades in the broadcast and production industry, BVE is naturally the UK’s main event to display the latest in entertainment and media tech. It brings together more than 300 companies to over 15,000 visitors who attend each year to learn about the products, services and trends.

It is the single most important event of the year for meeting, debating and discussing the technical aspects of broadcasting in the UK. Television Operations Manager, BBC

From the creators who brought this equipment on to the market; to those who are selling it, they were all there to share and discuss the technology in detail. As a business currently using this equipment, we are firm believers in the potential of the VR 360 with the benefits it brings to the video production sector.

Everything one would want to see, all in a compact space. Television Operations Manager, University of South Wales

360 VR Video Plymouth

We have been working with this technology since 2016. Especially relevant is our work with South West Coast Path Association using VR 360 technology to produce their content. In addition, Hangloose Adventures Cornwall, are using the tech to showcase their zip-wire. To see our VR 360 work:


VR 360 video Big Hit for Tourism Conference

360 Video Soundview Plymouth

360 Video South West Coast Path